Manas in Tech Webinar

Dolls versus Computers: the problem is cultural and starts in childhood. The future is being written in lines of code and so we need to talk about the challenges of women in technology and what to do to increase their participation 👩🏻💻👩🏼💻👩🏽💻👩🏾💻👩🏿💻

We've rounded up the new generation of sisters who are going all out in the tech world! Let's go with us?

Facilitated by Steh (Stephany Callegari), our QA analyst

Jamylle Magalhães, fullstack developer at levva
Karina Tronkos, product design at Fjord and founder of Nina Talks
Thu Oliveira, head of marketing at Weme
Carol Pereira, innovation and technology engineer at Bosch


Working here is different, only those on the inside know what it is like, and the outsiders are nuts to know all about it. In order to build a great business you need great people.

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