levva's e-Sports League: RIVVALS!

How did the levva e-Sports league start?

Pam Miranda
Pam Miranda

Head of People and Culture


Here at levva, we have an e-Sports league 🕹🎮

It was within our culture group that popped up the desire to have people in the company communicating with each other in a casual way, to have the opportunity to get to know each other and get connected.

How to create high-value connections at the beginning of the biggest pandemic in human history? You can check out our story here.

Marcelo Tenório (head of Design) and Gabs (former Tech Lead), brought up the idea of a democratic e-Sports championship with prizes. The game turned out well!

Every person who is passionate about games has had (or still has) the dream of playing professionally. Have you ever imagined yourself playing while being narrated? Playing a game while an audience cheers for you?

We are passionate about games and that is why our eSport is made by gamers, for gamers (and pseudo gamers). Our eSport league promises to give you the experience of playing professionally, while meeting and having fun with other players!

Along the way, we relied on several amazing people to get the project off the ground.

The renowned artist from São Paulo, Rosinhole (@thiagorosinhole), agreed to be part of the gaming enthusiasts and customized the prizes of the 2021 championships: @logitech headsets with the name of each winner 🎧 🎨

The very talented narrator Marcelo Hazan (@marcelo_hazan)  made the semi-finals and finals more exciting! Strong emotions with LOL, CS, Rocket League, and Valorant, in the commentary partnership of the always well-informed Ogre (@joguecomoumogro). Ogro's comments are acidic, humorous and explosive! 💣💥 This duo in action is recorded in games for posterity.

The e-Sports Championship after rebranding

On July 1st 2022 we celebrate our rebranding. Having a global positioning, we understand that the e-Sports championship is something of our culture and will stick with us. Now, as RIVVALS.

hdn is now levva

Being a company connected to the world and to the community of devs/techs is part of levva's culture. The project helps levva to find and retain talent.

André Milanez

We are part of a company that believes in a collaborative and inclusive culture in a scenario where remote work is a reality. We are in a fast pace of growth (we have quadrupled in size in the last year). This brings challenges to maintain and expand the company's organizational culture.


There is a very strong historical relationship between developers ("nerds", for the most part) and games. In recent years this industry has surpassed the movie industry, for instance. RIVVALS was already born with a great internal attraction power, and as a result, the bond with the technology world and the developers would be completely tightened. It was clear right from the beginning of the work that it would be an incredible tool for inclusion and integration among the teams of the development projects. The energy of the team in doing something different for levva is contagious!

Narcisio Junior

Engaging, attracting, and retaining talents is our purpose. And we believe in the potential of the collective to build a dynamic and fun future. RIVVALS is a bi-monthly, non-profit event, independently organized by volunteer gamers and pseudogamers.

To Jesse, COO:

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Our culture is based on the premise that happiness and results should go together. RIVVALS brings a pinch of fun, besides generating an environment of exchange and integration among the whole company.

Jessé Freitas

Want to get in tune with this amazing project? Check out our instagram @levva.rivvals.


Working here is different, only those on the inside know what it is like, and the outsiders are nuts to know all about it. In order to build a great business you need great people.

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