International Day of Happiness: why is this day so important?

Do you know the International Day of Happiness?

what is happiness for you?

What is happiness, have you ever asked yourself that question? Have you heard of the International Day of Happiness?

In fact, do you have a ready-made answer to this question? Think about it!

This is a very broad and somewhat philosophical question, with many possibilities for answers, after all, human beings carry different subjectivities and experiences.

Happiness is multifactorial, the way each person perceives this feeling is not the same, but we are all impacted by everything that happens around us.

However, regardless of the answer you may have to this question, one thing is fact: happiness is something very important for human existence.

Happiness is something inherent in the human condition, regardless of where you are in the world, your culture and beliefs, being happy is a vital element for all humanity.

This is a very important topic, because it is directly related to physical and mental well-being. 

Celebration of the International Day of Happiness

In June 2012, the UN (United Nations Organization) decided to create a date to celebrate Happiness. The International Day of Happiness is celebrated on 20 March.

The creation of this date aims to encourage happiness and joy among the peoples of the world, avoiding social, ethnic conflicts and wars or any other behaviour that jeopardises the peace and well-being of societies.

The absence of happiness can bring serious harm to the health of human beings, affecting several areas of life, such as work, studies, family life, among others.

In the corporate environment, several companies have realised the need to create actions and programmes that guide the well-being of their collaborators, as it is increasingly clear that happy and satisfied people tend to make quality deliveries and infect their peers with their joy, bringing more synergy to their daily lives.

People are the greatest asset of an organisation, they are a living cog that keeps everything running, in other words, looking after them is also maintaining your business.

Data on happiness: what do the numbers have to say?

To understand the extent of the importance of happiness for human existence, it is fundamental to look at the data and reflect on these results. 

65% of Brazilians consider health and physical well-being very important as a source of happiness;
62% of the population believes that having a good job is the second most important key to happiness;

Source: Global Happiness Study 2019

According to research conducted in 21 states in 2018 by career consultant Fredy Machado for his book "It is possible to reinvent yourself and integrate personal and professional life", about 90% of people are unhappy in their jobs.

Furthermore, data collected by Mundi 360, with people from more than 15 countries, shows that 80% of the people interviewed did not know how to define what happiness is.


In search of happiness: Meet Mundi 360

Mundi 360, is a project created in 2016, but that only became a reality in 2019. The idea came up with Alessandra Ki and Léo Tomasi, both are passionate about stories and new discoveries about the human essence. The mission was to drive around the world in search of happiness.

Have you ever realised that it is a great adventure to unveil the possibilities of having a happier life? They have already travelled more than 40,000 kilometres, that is to say, days, months, years, a lot of history and learning to share.

This discovery-filled experience has been shared in a book entitled "Mundi 360, Road to Happiness".

In this book, the authors share the stories of their journey through Latin America: more than 500 days spent travelling around different cities and asking people what happiness is. 

This is a book full of emotion, learning and self-knowledge. Are you ready to take a ride on this story? The book is available on the project's website. It's worth checking out the details of this adventure!

But have you thought about what happiness is for you and how it impacts the sectors of your life? 

At Levva, we care about the happiness of our people. We believe that people are the centre of everything. Do you want to be happy with us?


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