Women in technology: the presence of women in the market

How the presence of women impacts the technology market

Women in Technology

In Brazil, women represent 51.8% of the Brazilian population, according to data from the IBGE, and they also represent the majority of the public in universities. However, in the job market, there are still important paths to walk. Against all statistics, unfortunately, we are still the MINORITY in several areas. In this text, we will talk about how women in the technology market.

Even if the scenario is diffuse and slow, there are numerous companies that have already understood the need to strengthen the female presence. This is vital for the success of any business.

For this reason, part of the organisations have started to adopt actions that promote a movement towards gender equity in companies, including in the IT area.

Female protagonism in levva

Here at levva, we believe that women are at the centre and are protagonists of their own journeys, after all, a woman's place is wherever she wants!

Gender equity is a flag we raise! We are dedicated to ensuring that our workspace reflects our values and beliefs.

As a central theme, we are moving towards building a more inclusive and respectful environment for all people. Check out some data on our workforce.

17% of levva professionals are women;
28% of leadership positions are held by women;

Women's experience in Technology

Being a woman brings a series of challenges because society still needs to review some postures and behaviours.

Each person carries with them a unique repertoire built by experiences that can be good or bad. With this in mind, we invited our collaborators to share their narratives. Come and check it out!

If you believe that the IT area is traditionally occupied by men, imagine a few decades ago, it was much more complex than today. Unfortunately, these situations are still part of the history of many professionals.

"Once I went to attend a call to fix a computer and the requestor asked me to call my male colleague to perform the fix, being that we had the same position and the same knowledge."

Tainá Furtado, Test and QA Analyst

Women have the same learning and execution capacity as men, regardless of the front they work in. Although this may seem obvious, many times they end up having their capacity questioned due to their gender. Hello???

"I had a bad experience of machismo by one of the employees. At the time I was in another company and I was taking care of the software and licensing session. When I was giving guidance on Microsoft licensing, the person did not accept the answer and commented on whether I had the capacity and ownership to give that guidance."

Beatriz Sakaguchi, Test and QA Analyst

Amidst this scenario, some professionals feel insecure about their ability to perform and, sometimes, they may not even start their journey in the area. Sisters, every beginning is full of challenges! In our case, with many barriers, but together we empowered ourselves!

"The encouragement of other women in technology is very important, it's like a chain of empowerment" - Beatrizsaid .

Despite these negative experiences, hundreds of women continue studying and following their path focused on building their careers in technology.

Our institutional culture is plural, colourful and diverse. We work daily to provide our teams with a welcoming and respectful environment.

To help you to know more about the backstage of levva, we brought you some testimonials, check it out! 

"We have recognition and trust in the Levva teams, in the work that we UX/UI designers do. The HR and marketing teams are asking for our help to understand as much as possible about the players (employees), to communicate better with us, it's very cool".

Carolina Aggio, UX/UI Designer

Currently, there are several internship programmes and IT training projects created with the purpose of generating more inclusive human capital, these actions are necessary to reduce gender inequalities in the market.

"People have found in technology a space to be who they are. Gradually, new and old professionals are seeing that professional ability goes beyond colour, gender or race."

Monique Paduan, Product Owner

Creating a space to hear these stories and understand how these experiences can teach us not to repeat these patterns makes all the difference!


Working here is different, only those on the inside know what it is like, and the outsiders are nuts to know all about it. In order to build a great business you need great people.

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