What I learned at SaaStr 2022

The world's largest software as a service event: SaaStr


I attended the largest SaaS event in the world: the SaaStr

- which took place September 13-15, 2022 in San Francisco, California -

levva had already confirmed its presence with our CEO, André Milanez. Being an event very concerned and engaged with diversity and inclusion, a portion of the tickets is granted to minority groups, free of charge.

Yes, diversity! Diversity still needs to be intentional but this is a subject for another article.

I had the pleasure and honor to participate in the VIP diversity and inclusion group, representing female and Latino leadership.

SaaStr 2022

It is with great joy that I share here my experience at the Annual SaaStr 2022.

First things first - what is SaaStr and why is it important?

SaaS, from Software as a Service, is a software distribution and commercialization model, where the software supplier takes responsibility for all the necessary structure to make the system available, and the client uses the software and pays a monthly fee for the service.

Some examples of SaaS: Slack, Discord, and Feedz by TOTVS.

SaaStr is about community and the collective. They offer endless opportunities to share and learn with people from all functions and industries, from companies of different sizes, and more!

Now, let's go to the logbook of a week that entered the history of levva and so many other companies.

Day 1: Hello San Francisco & networking

SaaStr 2022

What a thrill to return to the city where I left my heart (SF is known for having many hearts scattered around the city). I was welcomed by my friend (and former neighbor) Cemile. She is Turkish, but has been living in California for almost 10 years. We studied together in 2013, when I won the CCIP Fulbright scholarship to study international business.

Brazilians in San Francisco

Later that evening I met part of the group of Brazilians who had come for the SaaStr event. We all had dinner together - nobody remembered to take a picture, but that night was the start of what would be a very incredible week. 

After dinner, I took André aside and said:

André, there are only amazing people here. Outliners. I met two CEOs, a CTO, and a Head of Innovation. Everyone is very nice, intelligent, what a great guy!

Day 2: Google tour & dinner

Google Visitation

Wow! that is the feeling. We were very well received by Pablo, a Brazilian software engineer who works at Google. I had met Pablo in 2013, when we were scholarship students in San Francisco. The visit was conducted with the simplicity we like, a light conversation, as it should be. Pablo was very nice and it was possible to extend the invitation to our new friends: Bruno Soares from Feedz by Tovts and Felipe Takara, from Distrito, who we met through SaaStr. You can check some moments of this visit here.

After the visit, we said goodbye to Pablo with much gratitude! Later, I was the tour guide for André, Bruno and Felipe and we went to Pier 39, a tourist spot with several gastronomic options. We had dinner at Bubba Gump, a nostalgic place from the acclaimed movie Forest Gump.

Bubba Gump Restaurant

I must confess that I was feeling a little tense to be in the middle of so many “cool as AF” people (why are you crying, imposter syndrome?). The conversation is always at a high level: we talked about the challenges of the companies, the difficulties of entrepreneurship in Brazil, about professionals and their qualifications, trends... and we also had small talks, with lots of laughter and good humor. By the end of the second day, I was calmer, because I understood that, who was there with me, besides CEOs and founders, were people, "people like us", with a lot of will to transform the ecosystem in which we operate.

Day 3: Zendesk & Endeavor event & happy hour

The first day of the event came with everything: lots of content, many connections, several stages with sharing of success and failure stories, to know what has worked and what didn't. The most varied interactions with the stands and creative giveaways! At the end of the day, we went for a happy hour & networking. I met people from Canada and London and connected with more amazing Brazilians.

Day 4: Event & Confra

The adrenaline of being in a place like this doesn't let you feel tired or jetlegged. With a high level program, the second day of the event is closed with a concert by DJ Duke Dumont. After the event, the Brazilians were well received at Saasholic 's Brasa Confra & Pingback.

Brazilians in SaaStr

The connections made this day will transform the SaaS market in Brazil. I have two combined benchmarkings to share on brand positioning with companies founded in Brazil and a knowledge exchange on Growth Marketing, with Zenvia. Besides the potential new business that will arise from this meeting, right?

The feeling is one of pride. Proud of my country, Brazil, for having people like this wanting to change our reality, create more jobs, train and educate professionals who will one day be attending this meeting too.

Day 5: Event & Sky View

More content. Networking makes room for bonds that begin to grow closer. I believe that some connections made will go beyond business, to partnership and friendship.

Whoever wants to chat, we are super available to talk! The learning that remains is for a lifetime.

1️⃣ Put money, time and energy into education

2️⃣ You learn with anyone, anywhere

3️⃣ Create connections and take very good care of them, your networking can potentialize a result and give you a unique experience

Sky View San Francisco


Working here is different, only those on the inside know what it is like, and the outsiders are nuts to know all about it. In order to build a great business you need great people.

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