What it means to be a CEO: behind the scenes of the life of a Brazilian CEO

André Milanez, CEO of levva

After all, what does it mean to be the CEO of a company?

Want to know more about my journey as a CEO? Do you know what it means to be a CEO? This text seeks to show you behind the scenes of this position. Just come!

Behind the CEO badge

If you don't know me yet, I will introduce myself and tell you more about my challenges and learning in the corporate universe.

I'm André Milanez, I live in Campinas, Lorena's father, Paulinha's husband and CEO of levva, a technology company that is 4 years in the market.

Despite the position, I am not so attached to these nomenclatures, what I really like is to participate in the culture and be connected with the teams supporting them as much as possible.

In 2010, I graduated in Systems Analysis and Development and worked for two years as a developer, but I always had a passion for the commercial area, for helping the customer to solve their problem through a product and/or service. In 2016, I concluded my MBA in Corporate Project Management at FGV.

Since I noticed that I had a professional profile focused on commercial relationships, I started to dive into this universe and improve myself. Of course this brought a series of challenges, but it also prepared me for the next stages of my professional life.

How was levva born?

After so many learnings, challenges and experiences, I had the feeling that I needed to do something out of the box and something disruptive for the technology market. Generating businesses was the start for me to understand that I needed to become an entrepreneur.

In a way, I was already entrepreneurial in the companies I passed through, so I decided to join two friends and start our own company.

Levva was born in 2018, founded by me (CEO), Jessé (COO) and Narsa (CTO). They play a crucial role in the success of the company, it is a triad, the contribution of each one of them is indispensable and it was precisely this synergy that helped us to keep growing.

In 2020, Cadu (CDO) arrived in the business area and helped accelerate our growth! A year later, in 2021, our finance wizard Tirich (CFO) arrived to take care of our financial strategy. Thus, we strengthened our pillars.

Let's keep growing!

Currently, we have reached the mark of 150 employees and we are proud to make a difference in the technology market. Nobody lives without purpose, you need to have something bigger, a feeling that guides you. Here at levva, we believe that for every problem, there is a simple solution.

The essence of management: simplicity and communication

I am an extremely simple person, this is a value that I always transmit to everyone who is here with us, building a history full of projects and challenges.

There is no ready formula, communication is fundamental, no wonder we work with humility, we believe that being transparent can generate high value connections.

One of my greatest prides as CEO of levva is knowing that I am generating jobs for dozens of people and through these opportunities we grow together.

Being aware of the people who make up our team is a habit, something that is part of my essence, it is important to look inside, that is how we formed a strong team, of people who are passionate about what they do.

Of course like every journey, being as a manager also brings challenges and adversities, but having a team of highly reliable managers is extremely important, our communication is very strong.

When we make mistakes, we dive into that mistake to learn where we need to improve, we make decisions cautiously and quickly.

It is not part of levva's culture to procrastinate, on the contrary, being agile is part of our mindset.

Decompression and hobbies

It's that saying, "a CEO doesn't live by work alone", like anyone else, I also need to find time to balance the work routine and personal life.

In my free time, I like to enjoy the leisure moments with my daughter, affectionately nicknamed "Lolo", this is one of those phases that you can't let go.

Spending the weekends enjoying family time is literally what helps me to recharge my batteries and start the next week with full strength.

Curiosity: whenever I can, I also like to play footvolley.

Despite these moments of relaxation, my relationship with work is something organic and light.

levva is an extremely important part of my life, it is a dream that has come true, it is a project that I am proud of and with which I am always connected.

Life and career purpose

When I analyse my trajectory as CEO, I understand that simplicity in conducting business is what makes us continue to grow and expand our operations; it is a cultural aspect in the company.

My purpose in life as an entrepreneur is to continue transforming and positively impacting people's lives through technology, I think about this daily, about how to be an even better leader for those who are in the company today, this is the focus of my work.

I hope you have enjoyed learning more about the challenges and nuances of being a CEO in a technology company.

And for you, what does it mean to be the CEO of your life?


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