Rebranding: How we change the brand in 5 steps

Learn how rebranding changes a company's brand positioning

Ana Marin
Ana Marin

Head of Marketing

Last week, a friend in my profession asked for rebranding experiences in a WhatsApp group. I raised my hand and said I could share how the process of levva. After all, knowledge shared, is knowledge multiplied. šŸ§ šŸ’›

After our chat, I reflected and realized that this can be a pain (or curiosity) of other people. I share here how it was to participate in a rebranding, from end to end, with a very lean marketing team (really lean: 3 people). The content registered in this article is part of a partnership with Cranethe company that supported us in our rebranding process.

When is it time for rebranding?

We have grown a lot and are full of courage to grow even more. Therefore, we needed a global positioning, more corporate and that would transmit our culture, which is our greatest differential in delivery. In general, brands can change through various strategies. I will list some of them here:

Reach new audiences: Ponto Frio had the challenge of bringing the brand closer to the young public. To be + broad, + digital, + simple and + fun.

rebranding ponto frio

But it wasn't just the logo that changed (and it can't, can it?). There was a whole new media positioning, tone of voice, and culture.

rebranding ponto frio

Another reason for rebranding is culture positioning. The example here is NuBank, which had the challenge of continuing to show its restlessness in the world of digital banking. How to make clearer the evolution from a pioneering company to a more mature one? Even more humanized? Broader? Show the constant movement, with the accessibility that this segment (if not all) demands?

rebranding nubank

More fluid and symmetrical strokes, with the same color, with a more humanized positioning, to show that they are here to stay as trendmakers.


Maintenance and relevance of the brand is also one of the reasons for rebranding. The example is Zara, which chose to go against the market.


How could Zara show closeness and unity, against what the market was practicing? This reminded me of what every mother says at a certain moment in our lives:

"daughter(e), you are not everyone".
I can imagine Zara's mother saying this to her.

With a more serifed font and personality, it made the brand more connected and businesslike.

zara rebranding

I bring here suggestions from my own wandering experience.

1. you need the support and backing of the CEO / c-level

2. Have reliable partners (lots of them)

3. Assemble a multi-disciplinary team in the creation process

4. Define a project P.O. (the person who will play the drums/rhythm of the project)

5. Put everything into planning (from changing templates to painting the wall)

1. Support and backing from the CEO / c-level

The rebranding process does not happen overnight (ours took 8 months). For this reason, having the support of the c-level is indispensable. Many meetings, workshops, and moments of creation and execution will be necessary. This agenda must be prioritized. In our case, our stakeholder was the CEO AndrƩ Milanezwho allowed everyone to prioritize this agenda, regardless of any other. Priority with the CEO's signature, okay?

2. Trusted partners

We hired GROUa consulting firm focused on business, design, culture and branding. We understood that, for our moment, it made total sense to go with a partner to support us in this process, for two reasons: 1) our team was/is too small to absorb the demand (and we did not have the necessary experience and expertise ) and, 2) we did not want to influence the process with our biases.

3. Multi-disciplinary team in the creation process

To capture the essence of our culture and understand where we were going, we had diverse people in the discovery process: the 3 founders, 1 partner, 1 management and culture, 1 commercial, 1 operations, 1 design, 1 commercial, and 1 marketing.

TIP: The meetings that took place outside the workplace were much more immersive, without the "sneaking off" to check e-mail or take a phone call.

brand sprint

GROU's deliveries, with our team, made the process light and very deep. We had many classes (I say, a true MBA), with references and market analysis, golden circle, archetypes, attributes, context of innovation, public, positioning statement, color palettes, icons, everything, really everything. Much admiration for this team!

color study

Color study done by GROU Strategy Consulting.

4. Define a project P.O.

Having one person who will play the drums, dictating the rhythm of the project, is also a "must have". It is important to give the pull with everyone involved, to support the agendas, organization, and execution. This person needs to be someone from marketing. For our rebranding, the P.O. was this person: myself. I was responsible for making sure that everyone was present at the meetings, that they kept to the schedule, interviews, deliveries, etc.

brand sprint

From April to June, the marketing team was dedicated almost full time to execute all the planned strategies and tasks.

excel planning

Timing accepts everything, right? We were very bold in thinking that it would be possible to do 100% in this timing, with a team of 3 people. We had to flex the event date, which would be 05/20/22 to 07/01/2022, to be able to finish the whole plan.

May e Leoyou will forever be remembered for creating a memorable rebranding. Thank you!

5. Put everything into planning (from changing templates to painting the wall)

GROU delivered the brand book and, from then on, our designer started to produce the entire turnaround (website, templates, media arts, layout of messages for clients, etc.), while I created the content in the new tone of voice and LĆ©o (from GROU), validated to ensure we were on track. The execution plan had everything we needed to do 100% of the turnaround.

We announced the repositioning of the brand during a mega party held at the DHAUS house in Campinas-SP, gathering approximately 200 collaborators, coming from more than 13 different states of Brazil. The logistics of the event was done in a unique and special way, by the agency Griffe de Viagens (thanks for all the patience and care, it was great!). The event followed the timebox and we had the essential support of Costa ProduƧƵes, from the plan to the management of the party.

The party is a milestone in our history! We celebrate the success of our work so far and celebrate the new brand, which is born big, borderless, global.

And you, have you ever gone through a rebranding? Share here how was the experience.

Need rebranding? You can call me to exchange stickers. Shared knowledge is multiplied knowledge.


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