Digital Transformation Webinar: Business and Mindset

Digital Transformation is a process in which companies use technology to improve performance, extend their reach, and optimize results. This transformation generates a change of mindset throughout the organization. This movement starts from the inside out. Let's talk about the challenges of digital transformation in business and how companies are carrying out this process in practice.

We gathered an amazing team that is going all out in the tech world! Facilitated by Renata Agazzi, our Account Digital Manager

Priscila Rodrigues, Account Digital Manager at levva
Elisio Pereira, CTO at Ticket
Luiz Soares, Head of IT at Stoller do Brasil Ltda
Bruno Maniglia, CTO at Ourofino


Working here is different, only those on the inside know what it is like, and the outsiders are nuts to know all about it. In order to build a great business you need great people.

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