What is ABM (Account-Based Marketing)

ABM (Account-Based Marketing) and how winning over your customers is better than convincing them

Leo Barros
Leo Barros

Marketing Analyst


RD Summit is the biggest sales and marketing event in Latin America. In addition to networking, the lectures create opportunities to learn and deepen knowledge and market trends. Felipe Spina, at the RD Summit, an expert in ABM (Account-Based Marketing) gave a real class on how personalization and experience are differentials in complex B2B sales.

In the strategy process in marketing, we hear a lot about InBound and OutBound, but there is something different.

Have you ever heard of ABM (Account-based marketing)?


ABM is a customized strategic process focused on selling to big companies through a very clear and measurable methodology. ABM is for complex B2B sales.

To be clearer, Spina uses the fishing analogy: InBound "casts the net" in pursuit of quantity of leads, catching several unnecessary ones, ABM "harpoon fishes", focusing on the main ones. 🐟

Spina showed cases and key elements of this strategy, based on 5 steps:

1. identify accounts

The biggest mistake is not knowing who you want to sell to. Define the niche, the ICP (Ideal Customer Profile).

2. Contact list

Each position has a different challenge. Personalize the message for each segmentation. Who are the people needed:
> Who feels the pain
> Who will operate or use the solution
> Who signs the contract

3. Create Content

Intended for each persona. There is no standard for everyone.

"He who talks to everyone, talks to no one"

4. Customized Campaigns

Personalization is the key.

"Conquering is better than Convincing"

5. Measure

"What cannot be measured cannot be measured"

More and more, customization and experience is proving to be the key differentiator.


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