What the Yellow September Campaign was all about?

Learn about the origins of the biggest suicide prevention campaign in Brazil

Yellow September

The international Yellow September campaign gained notoriety with Antônio Geraldo da Silva, president of the ABP (Brazilian Association of Psychiatry) and since 2014, the ABP in partnership with the CFM (Federal Council of Medicine) has gained partners throughout Brazil and seeks to raise awareness about Suicide prevention.

September 10 is the official date for the World Suicide Prevention Day. However, throughout the month, actions are taken to bring more information on this subject to the population and promote preventive actions.

The main data on suicide

Unfortunately, suicide is still a major and important public health problem, and should be treated as such, since it impacts society as a whole. According to WHO (World Health Organization) data, more people die from suicide than from diseases such as malaria, breast cancer, HIV, or from war and homicide. 

Suicide is the fourth leading cause of death among young people aged 15 to 29, a frightening statistic, since this phenomenon affects individuals from the most different social classes, cultures, ages, and genders. In Brazil, according to data released on the Yellow September Campaign website, 12.6% of every 100,000 men, against 5.4% of every 100,000 women, die committing suicide.

 It is very important to highlight that in most high-income countries, the suicide
rate among men is higher, while in low-income countries, women commit more

A good news is that the suicide rate is decreasing when it comes to global data, but in contrast, in the Americas region, the rates increased by 17% during the same period (2000 to 2019).

Many countries place suicide prevention campaigns at the top of their priorities, however, many do not commit to the cause and do not create a national approach strategy.

It is essential that this be done so that the desired results are finally achieved and the suicide rate begins to decrease in all countries.

Life is always the best choice

The first and most important step towards prevention is that the subject is given its proper importance. To do so, people need to talk openly about mental health at home, at work, at school, and everywhere else.

We should all seek alternatives to actively raise awareness and give importance to life, helping to prevent suicide and addressing this issue, which is still seen as taboo by most people. Seeking information to help those closest to us is the best way to tackle such a serious problem.

Many times, when deciding to end their life, this person doesn't see any way out to control their thoughts, actions, and feelings. After all, their view is completely twisted by their suffering. Relying on support is important for those who find themselves in this vulnerable situation.

Yellow September

Always be attentive to your loved ones and friends, always propose communication, be empathetic, and offer a friendly, non-judgmental shoulder.

It is essential that people close to you know when someone is really thinking about killing themselves and can offer help. At the slightest sign of disorder, advise the person to seek psychiatric or psychological help.

Remember: life is always the best choice! 💛

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