We were at the CEO Forum: the largest gathering of executives in Brazil

Cadu Biaseto
Cadu Biaseto


Networking is the best investment for business at the CEO Forum

levva in the CEO Forum

levva was there at the CEO Forum 2022, which took place from September 22 to 25, 2022 at Sofitel Guarujá Jequitimar, represented by me, Cadu Biaseto (CDO), and André Tirich (CFO). Let me tell you about this mega experience, full of learning and networking.  

The largest executive meeting in Brazil brought together references and icons of the business world, with more than 300 CEOs and C-levels from the country

levva in the CEO Forum

Opening of the 5th edition of the CEO Forum 2022

The CEO Forum Brazil had several lectures about new business trends and innovative experiences.

At the opening, Camila Salek, founder of Vimer, spoke about retail in the postpandemic world and the opportunities that open up in this new world.

"The next generation of retail will be marked by sensory impact."

Stating that volume and standardization are already behind us. It is necessary to look at people and what they want, what makes them feel good, and what triggers the best sensations.

In the sequence, we also had the inspiring story of José Felipe Carneiro, a born businessman, who has owned more than 50 family companies and nowadays has realized his grandfather's dream by creating a brewery. Novo Brasil is based in California and emerged from a partnership with his brother.

For Jose, the main satisfaction is to feel that he has managed to create what they
said was impossible, and to maintain success, one of the main secrets is to
experience this feeling of ownership day after day. His life story and the insights
elicited were truly inspiring!

Another speaker was Helo Passos, founder of Trexx, who brought some very nice thoughts.

"What is the medium and long-term legacy you will leave when you no longer have the company's last name? You have the power to make a difference now and create a better world for generations to come."

Questions like these should always be raised, especially when it comes to decision making. This goes for our corporate life as well as our personal life. We all have an impact, It is up to us to decide what kind of impact.  

CEO Forum

A day with guided meditation

On the second day of the event, we had other illustrious presences, starting with Murilo Gun, expert in creativity and innovation, who started with a guided meditation session on the beach

Lots of content and important connections! The lecture session included André EstevesThe president of BTG Pactual bank, BTG Pactual, brought a current overview of the state of the world and Brazilian economy. He was optimistic about the growth expected for the Brazilian economic scenario.

One of the presentations that drew most attention was that of Diego Barretos, iFood's vice-president of Finance and Strategy, talking about how organizations must be prepared for the future. For this, there must be special attention to the profile of employees.

"You must drive the choices based on the expectations of the cycle and towards
where things are currently moving."
Friends of Good

The CEO 2022 Forum raised R$ 1 million for the NGO Amigos do Bem

In response to the appeal of Ricardo Natale, founder of the Experience Club, R$1 million were donated to the NGO Amigos do Bem, through the participants' contributions. 

This collection will be able to provide university scholarships to 50 young people from the hinterlands of Alagoas, Pernambuco, and Ceará. The entity, created by entrepreneur Alcione Albanesi in 1993, was set up with the aim of improving the living conditions of the people in the sertão of the Northeast.

72 hours of great content

The main goal of the CEO Forum 2022 was to foster connections that would inspire decision making now and in the years to come. This was certainly achieved through the provocative and insightful presentations by each current speaker. 

In summary, what remains to be learned from an amazing opportunity like this is: always be ready to listen and learn more! With these beasts of entrepreneurship, we were able to learn and talk about new market trends, as well as build sensational connections.

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