Digital Acceleration Trends for 2023

Learn how digital acceleration drives a company's growth

Jessé Freitas
Jessé Freitas


digital acceleration

Digital Acceleration as a process

This is Jessé Freitas, CTO at levva. Today I'm here to tell you a little bit about our Webinar: Digital Acceleration Trends for 2023.

This chat was attended by Giba Nunes, Business Director at levva, and Claudia Marquesani, CIO at Petz. We had a conversation full of insights about this area which is constantly growing and had a boom in the pandemic.

pandemic and digital acceleration

The COVID-19 pandemic and digital acceleration

During the pandemic, we saw companies of all sizes and segments adapting to the digital universe, implementing in a short period of time a process that, to be done well, would have required several months of study and implementation. However, the scenario demanded speed and immediate actions, which left no other option for the companies. In this case, they were learning as they were implementing, adjusting as they went along.

What have we learned from that? That a detailed process is very important for a better understanding of the problem and validation of possible solutions. This way we optimize time and save resources.  

Successful Tips for the Digital Transformation of a Business

In 2022, I had the opportunity to attend a specialization course at INSPER for CTOs and there, they listed the success factors for digital/cultural transformation.

In addition to these successful factors, it is critical for companies to understand what level of technological maturity they are at. Before actually implementing technology, it is necessary to cultivate a digital culture in companies, so they can understand the value of having this change.

insights from digital acceleration

Insights into digital acceleration

Giba participated in the Web Summit 2022 along with Levva's team and brought an insight on digital acceleration that was widely discussed there; the 'tripod for digital acceleration'. This concept says that for digital acceleration to happen properly, it needs to be based on three pillars: 

> the design;
> the union of design and data and;
> the multidisciplinary team.

The new technologies and possibilities in digital

Other important point of our conversation was about the new technologies that are emerging and the possibilities attached to them. Claudia brought up a very important point about this subject, which is that before we get into a new technology, we need to ask ourselves what value it will add to the company.

After all, being there just for the sake of being there won't bring results and can even have consequences for the company's brand image by not offering a good experience. It is also necessary to think about the people who will use these technologies; acceleration is done with people, by people, and for people, anyway.

Cultural Tips

And to close with a golden key, I asked for tips on series, books or podcasts and these were the answers:

Claudia's Tip: 

Listen to her - Joanne Lipman

What's your digital business model? - Peter Weill and Stephanie L. Woerner

Giba's Tip:  

Daily management to execute the strategy - José Roberto Ferro and Robson Gouveia

My tip:

Sound on Track - Netflix

I hope you enjoyed it!

If you want to watch the full webinar just follow the link:


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