What I learned at RD Summit 2022

Leo Barros
Leo Barros
Marketing Analyst

I was at the biggest marketing, sales and innovation event in Latin America, the RD Summit

RD Summit

Hi, for those who know me, I'm Leo. For those who don't know me, I'm still Leo. I was in the Magic Island, in Florianopolis, SC, for the RD Summit 2022. According to Forbes, the event is "the Disneyland of Digital Marketing". It was three days of immersion with the main references and brands in the market, in one of the largest technology centers in Brazil.

The event is organized annually by RD Station, the brand that owns products such as the marketing automation platform RD Station Marketing and the largest marketing and sales portal in Brazil, Resultados Digitais. Besides me, levva was represented by Renata Agazzi,  Rodrigo Britto and Lucas Lana, the last two representing Advice by levva, e-commerce consultancy in our ecosystem.

This article is about this great event, but also about the realization of a dream and an achievement. I am about to complete 40 laps around the sun and at the beginning of the year I chose a career transition. Crazy? Follow the text!

Disney University

A little bit of my story and the beginning of the change

This short story begins with an ending. The end of high school and the social pressure to choose a profession at the age of 17.

Even though I wanted to go into performing arts, I chose journalism. Even so, I never restricted myself to staying inside a box. During my undergraduating studies I worked in a movie rental store, did internships at a local radio station, printed newspapers, continued with theater, participated in the Boy Scout movement, and volunteered at a hospital. I graduated! But I did not pursue a career in journalism.

My facility in dealing with children and the general public opened doors to the hotel and entertainment industry. I have done exchange programs in the United States through Marriott Vacation Club, participated in musical theater, was a crew member at Royal Caribbean International, an actor at Hopi Hari theme park, a cast member at Walt Disney Co. In addition to all this, I have completed a graduate degree in hospitality and an MBA in people management and leadership.

But the career was crying out for new horizons. In the companies I worked for, the marketing department seemed to be calling me. The moment called for a transition. After much effort, in the week of my 39th birthday, I won the gift of being part of the marketing team at levva.

I lived through a lot, you know. For those who are getting to know me now, I am still Leo. And based on all these experiences, I can tell you one thing: The learning trail is not long. It is infinite.

As part of this learning process, at levva I had the opportunity and the privilege to participate in remarkable moments, such as being present at the RD Summit 2022.

RD Summit

Key insights about RD Summit 2022

After 2 years without the face-to-face event, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the RD Summit returned in 2022 gathering more than 12 thousand professionals in a dynamic with more than 170 speakers.

Some of the prominent names present at the event were:

Gustavo Broilo
Director of Sales at RD Station

João Branco
Vice President of MKT of McDonald's

Rafael Kiso
CMO at mLabs

April Dunford
Founder at Ambient Strategy

Martha Gabriel
Best seller AUTHOR

and much more

The subjects approached were diverse within the marketing and sales theme: humanization, engagement, strategies, the evolution of data driven, diversity, data protection, metaverse, and several case studies.

I will bring you some of my insights about the event: 

Digital Marketing

"In such a robotic world, humanization is lacking."

Brands need humanization, that is, more connection and relationship with people. 

"Customers are not leads, they are not numbers. Customers are people who have feelings, doubts, and longings."

People are looking for help. To do this, it is necessary to understand each person's pain. 

"Conquering is better than convincing."

The strategic ABM (account-based marketing) model, focused on personalizing sales to a given customer according to his ICP (Ideal Customer Profile), is a growing trend in marketing worldwide. 

Marketing and Sales

"It's not a Marketing or Sales result. It's Marketing and Sales."

Marketing and Sales are strategic areas. They need to leaver aside vanitieslookingning to the common goal and workingndo together. A integration between Marketing and Sales can leverage up to 200% a revenue of the companies.

Conversational Marketing

A survey by RD Station indicates a growth of about 70% in conversions when WhatsApp is used as a sales channel. Sales closures also increased by 40% when comparing 2021 to 2022.

Tip: Professionalize and integrate your company's WhatsApp. Meta's messaging app is used by 96% of Brazilians, according to a study by We Are Social. 

Purchasing Decision

"You distrust companies and trust people."

April Dunford argued that buying is a complete and difficult process, pointing out that 40 to 60 percent of B2B sales are not made because of a lack of decision. With the fear of a wrong decision, they simply prefer not to proceed with the purchase.   

Companies need to make it easy to buy, having a guide that simplifies the process and a positioning that engages people.

The metaverse is a reality

Martha Gabriel, author of bestsellers such as "Marketing in the Digital Age

"You can run away from reality, but not from the consequences of running away from it."
Ayn Rand

Using the metaphor of the movie "Matrix", Martha pointed out that the metaverse is the fusion of the on and off-line worlds. For her, the future is hybrid, with the fusion of these two worlds. 

Currently, 59% of consumers are enthusiastic about transitioning their everyday activities to the metaverse. By 2030, it is plausible that 50% of live events could be held in the metaverse. 

Over 80% of commerce can be impacted, from brand discovery to visiting online stores. It is estimated that the average Internet user will spend up to 6 hours a day on experiences in the metaverse by 2030.

These were some of the insights I had during the event. I come back refreshed and even more determined to learn even more. Oh, have you read our article on ABM (Account-Based Marketing)?


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